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Founded in 2008, is the online marketplace dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of technology businesses through a confidential multiple listing service. was founded by finance professionals experienced in mergers and acquisitions, strategy, business planning, finance, and accounting for technology businesses.

Historically, the marketplace for strategic transactions for small to mid-sized technology businesses has been underserved as a result of concerns regarding confidentiality and the difficult, slow and expensive process by which technology businesses are engaged in merger and acquisition discussion.  Identifying interested parties is just the initial step in the overall process in which qualified and interested buyers have proven to be difficult to find.   In addition, potential acquirers find it challenging to stay informed about acquisition opportunities or broadly communicate their areas of interest for competitive reasons.  As a result, merger and acquisition activity in these sectors has been limited by these market inefficiencies.

Today, technology businesses are much more likely to achieve an exit through a strategic sale, rather than an initial public offering (IPO) due to changes in regulation and the capital markets. These changes have resulted in increased compliance costs and higher hurdles for the successful technology businesses to be considered for an initial public offering.  With greater flexibility and options, entrepreneurs should not only consider M&A as a viable path to liquidity, but plan for it. is an online marketplace dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of technology businesses through a confidential listing service. provides business owners with access to a targeted audience of potential buyers assists potential buyers in identifying M&A opportunities in the marketplace.